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  • RS

    “What haven’t you done right? Speaking of write, time to write your kindle book.”

  • TH

    “Always available and quick with coi to our clients”

  • PT

    “My daughter took my recommendation to get an auto coverage quote from MBI years ago. Recently, she had her first opportunity to file a claim due to a low speed fender bender. When I asked her what the damages/estimates were to her car, she informed me her deductible is $500, and the balance Erie was covering. Point being, MBI at some point sold her on the value of coverage on her vehicle. I never knew, but I am very glad and thankful for it now! Great work Martha.”

  • MM

    “Martha and her staff are always quick to reply to my emails. They offer me quotes from time to time to make sure I’m getting the best rates available. She was willing to work with me when it was becoming a problem to get my blood work done for my life insurance, and we were able to get it resolved.”

  • SB

    “- Friendly service
    – Always take care of each and every issue to their fullest
    – I trust their advice and ability to always reach a solution ”

  • DM

    “Very responsive, informative, helping to find an optimal choice between premium price and necessary coverage for your needs. ”

  • CA

    “Mrs. Martha, Thank you for your services since my company open you and your Team always been helpful and answer all my questions.
    Is a pleasure to Have a Great Team like MBI

    Best Regards,
    Cesar Alfaro
    President/Owner of A&A Electrical Solution, LLC.”

  • CL

    “Also happy to hear Martha is still doing well with MBI, but no surprise. I always enjoyed having her handle my insurance, and would still be doing so it it was possible. She is the greatest!!”

  • GJ
  • M
  • GF

    “I would just like to thank you for being an excellent provider of insurance coverage’s for us for the last 8 years or so. We will be back and I will get you to quote on other needs, The savings at Geico were just too great to past on. FYI they were able to insure all my guys for this price for a whole year!”

  • T

    “Much appreciate Martha! It has been simply wonderful to have you!

    We are keeping fingers crossed for house to sell soon!”

  • S
  • JM

    “I have used MBI Insurance Agency since I started my business three years ago. Since then, we have had numerous changes and reviews as it seems every contract we sign has a different insurance requirement.

    It makes such a difference to have someone to talk to about what coverage options you have. Martha is very responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful. She understands when you have a deadline and is terrific at getting things in place.

    I highly recommend her!”